Failed First Atempt Today

Hi All

Hi Just as I was expected, I failed with 4 B's. I want start from scratch, all the practice tests I took, weren't close to the actual exam, remember your formulas, situations and answers were different than Rita, lots of more than one right answer, any suggestions on where to start. I need to understand the subject and how it works, that's the only way to pass, I don't have prior project management experience, but was a team member of a couple of projects' want to take the test again before the 31st of July, waiting on your comments


Sorry to hear about your experience.  I fully understand the challenge if you have limted real PM experience.  It is important to understand the concepts for this exam.  I would recommend that you review the definitions in the appendix of PMBOK, and google those terms that you do not fully understand then click on Images.  It helped me a lot since I was able to see the pictures then go to some of the specific Web pages to read more explainations. I have found that was helpful to me.

Pls refer to my experience sharing below.  Good luck and don't give up!


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I passed! Maybe study harder next time!