failed exam, focusing on failed areas. a feq questions.

Hi.  I failed my first attempt at the PMP exam on November 15.  I was "moderately proficient" in four of the six areas.  Two areas I failed,  (initiating and planning).  I was a little bit surprised at those results but that's okay.  

I am reviewing all my notes with specific study focus on initiating and planning. 

Does this make sense the way I am studying?


I must say I was quite surprised I didn't score "proficient" in "professional and social responsibility" because as an HR executive I have 20+ years of experience in this field.  Furthermore, I had reviewed these chapters thoroughly in the PMBOK, Andy's book and Rita's book and was scoring almost 100% on all practice tests for months.  

Is this the nature of a psycometric test?  I am absolutely convinced I aced this section but was giving a "moderately proficient".