Failed the exam on first try with 3MPs and 2BPs

Hi folks-

I have been studying on and off for about 3-4 months, and I mostly read Rita Mulcahy 7th edition and Andy Crowe book, PMPrepcast. I haven't read PMBOK guide, just wanted to menction that. But I did memorize all 42 processes according to their knowledge areas and process groups.

After reading on this forum, I have purchased pmp for sure but I guess it was too late at that point, as I didn't get a chance to take those tests.

I did pmstudy and got around 60-65%, and I have also did PMFastrack software, and used to get around 65-70%.


On the exam day I was a little nervous, during the tutorial,

I did the brain dump/download of the following:

42 processes by Process groups and Knowledge areas

PERT formulae, ALL earned value formulae.

LS LF etc, sigma, 2sigma, 3sigma, 6sigma, n(n-1)/2, PTA, etc etc

but once I started taking the exam, I felt comfortable in my answers, if I'm not mistaken I think I have answered all but one question correct on the ones that involved math. (EV and PERT and network diagrams etc)

I didn't get a chance to review the exam, cuz I only had about 10mins left ( I didnt get up to take any breaks during the exam)

So, needless to say I was really upset and shell shocked to see that I actually failed!  I thought I did fairly well, at least expected to get MPs in all of them and pass.

ANyway, I just want to put all of this behind, and try to re-take it again, this time I don't want to fail, please help me on how I can fill my gaps and prepare. I have to tell you that the ones that I had a tough time were the ones that are wordy and asked you what to do NEXT, FIRST, what to do in the ABOVE scenario. etc.


Thanks for your feedback and help, really appreciate any comments.


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There are many such threads here where people have taken the exam again and passed. Remember you have an edge now since you know the type of questions in exam and have gone through the grind once.

Its possible that you may have just missed it by few question. Try the same mock tests you have purchased again and focus more on the 2BPs that you have got.

If you purchase PMZilla question set that will also help you and better prepare you for the exam


 I like your zeal. Just put it behind you and move on by concentrating on the 2BPs areas. Please, I advise you to read PMBOK and don't wait for too long before re-taking the exams. You will surely smile soon. Goodluck!.

 Don't be sad :) I only passed PMP after 3rd try.

You should read PMBok, review Rita 7 and try again. 

I think you have missed by few questions 5-6 , Closing Domain covers only 14 questions (8% of 175) and like Initiating Domain 18q.

Its not to worry next try would be all Ps



I passed my exam on the 5th December 2012. I did the following

1.) Read Rita's book

2.) Answered the questions at the back of each chapter, noted the ones I got wrong, i attempted all of the questions and made a logical decision by explaining the question to myself. Some were difficult and I guessed and got it wrong, but it is important to answer even if you get it wrong, is will show you how you were thinking and why you got it wrong.

3.) As i was reading through the next chapter i answered questions on pm fastrack on the previous chapter, noting every answer i got wrong.

4.) When i was finished with the new chapter, before attempting the 3rd chapter i reviewed why i got those questions wrong and made a rule to remember it by.

I only read Rita’s book with conjunction to the PMBOK. And I only read her book twice.

The only mock exam tool I used was pm fast rack. I first answered all questions relating to a specific process groups. And then noted the ones I got wrong, looked at why I got it wrong and tried it some days later.

I did not dedicate time to answering this questions, I had the software open on my laptop and as I was working I answered 2 or 3 questions.

After I finished the 9 process groups, I took 2 mock exams and scored pretty high marks.

Then wrote the exam. I did not pass the exam well but I passed. 2MP, 2P,1BP

Hope this helps, the only advice I would give is that you should not read too many books, I think rita’s book with the PMBOK as a reference should be fine.


Good luck.