****FAILED ON 5BPs**** 05/28/2013


Hey fellow PMzilla users,

i have just completed my exam 4hrs ago and after clicking that END button, 5BPs were displayed on the screen which really hit me pretty bad and came as a total shock.

I studied for 6 months and took the last 5 days off for review. I was confident i did really well for the first 100/200 questions. Then the next 100 questions i was sure i got at least 50/100 correct. So i couldn't figure out why i did not even score a MP for any of the category. At the end of the exam when the question asked whether i want to perform the survey or click next, i didn't bother with the survey because i was so nervous. I selected NEXT, and the screen went blank for 4 minutes which i wasn't sure if it was a computer cliche or not. Then after 4 minutes of white out, the screen displayed the results of 5BPs. it was really strange.

I'm looking to appeal and see whether a computer cliche did play a factor in the results.

I figured i should share my preparation and experience since everyone's tips were so helpful.

How i prepared my exam

rita's 7th edition- read it once and made my own notes for every single chapter.

abhishek's notes and own notes- read Abhishek's and own notes 3 times each

pmstudy mock exams                       

Test 1-60%, Test 2-65%, Test 3-70%, Test 4-70%                                

I read there were users who passed the exam when their mock exam scores were 50%-70%.

Now for the exam, i didnt' find the math questions tough. I will say roughly 20 math questions. I believe at least 8-9 questions were on the EV formula questions, (e.g  what is the SPI, or CPI? TPCI)  I had a few critical network diagram questions (what is the slack, critical path).

But it was the long situational questions that might have took up more of my time. I didn't take any breaks and had to use the full 4hrs because the first 20mins i was so nervous i re-read a few questions at least 3 times. I had a few inputs and outputs questions. Not alot of Ethics and procurement questions on my exam. i would say my exam consisted more of of Risk, Scope and Time Mgmt Questions. Exam was just long and watching that timer count down was extremely stressful especially when you have to draw your diagrams or enter the numbers in that calculator.

Not sure what i will do after the appeal comes back from pmi. Here's to hoping it was in fact a computer cliche and i passed. But if i didn't, i'm still debating whether to schedule my 2nd booking around the end of july for one final try.                                                                                            

I need the assistance from all PMZilla guru's who successfully passed to help sort out my mistakes where i failed on my first try. it was heartbreaking to see that FAIL message pop up on the screen.

Thanks everyone



 Dear Friend,

           I m sorry to hear that you could not clear the exam. I could understand your efforts put in from the last 6months. Now its the time to replan for exam and clear and Im sure you will defenetly clear. Please don't give up.

I would suggesst you to read PMBOK and RITA twice and Practice mock exams as below:-

Please read all the materials esp. Rajesh Nairs note and Raga 355 points with out fail.



Refer to this link and try out all mocks exams in this url:-


Dear Friend I am sure you shall definetly clear the exam and come out with flying colours. Success is waiting for you. All the very best. Cheerup and say loud that I have to clear PMP and will acheive PMP Certifications. Dont worry dear friend when we have such a wonderful helpful GUIDE "PMZILLA" to guide us and motivate us and many of our friends are there to assist us in achieving our GOAL. So please put some more efforts to reach your PMP Certification.

All The Best. Will see soon "PMP" beside your name.



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 Don't quit! You will surely win!!

You can do it,Follw the advice that admin has posted, It will really help!

Dear Oakleys,

You said that first 20 mins. you were nervous, this could be the reason that you misled to identify the answer wrongly for the rest of the questions.

You've to overcome these all with your will power.  Be cool and get ready for the 2nd schedule, take a break during the next exam time (be prepared to go with snacks and juice),

You're already prepared, so don't worry and go and clear it with good score.  You may try this mock exam: hxxp://practice.pm-exam-simulator.com/

And thanks for your LL

All the best.


With 5 BPs its as if the PMP exam is saying that you don't even know how to spell your name.


There must definately be something wrong with the computer at the test zone. Before attempting a repeat I would ask for an investigation 

 sad to hear that u did not clear your pmp exam. But please do not give up. Schedule your next exam and all the best!