Failed 3 attempts, 5BP in all processes

Just want to share not every one pass PMP only.


This is how I was studying before exam.


Read PMBOK twice, recommended by PMI (This is cheating me)

Got 65% pass rate in 

and study some PMP braindump


And attending class with 100% attendence, drop note in class 


I am so frustrated with PMP from now on ....


Won't touch PMP anymore.... 


I feel ya.  I'm so over this exam.  I took  2 prep courses and read Rita's 7th edition book and scored around low 50's to mid 70s on the following simulator exams Brainbok 74%, 70%  72% Rita, 70%, 73% 70% PMPforsure 68% 57%, Simpilearn 54%  and still failed today.  Also, I have a CAPM I otained 4 years ago while in grad school studying Project Management.  

Today, I felt pretty confident in taking the exam I thought I would've pass it this go around.  I've been studying really hard for the past 7 weeks and still didn't pay off.

I don't know what esle to do at this point.  Anyway, I know PMI is going to make me wait a year but any suggestions as to what I can do better next time.  

Note:  I know my test scores were on the low side but I wanted to beat the deadline with PMI changing the PMP exam.  Crazy-huh?

 read this link...i gave some thoughts for come back