Failed 1st attempt, 2 things

Failed on Friday (3MPs, 2BPs), painful, but moving beyond the pain and planning for next time.  Due to my year period expiring end of March, I have to take it within 3 weeks, or re-apply, pay more etc.... so, going for it in 3 weeks, which leads to my first question.

1.  I want to re-enroll for the test, but the Prometric site will not accept my eligibility number in order to re-enroll.  I have not officially seen my grades posted yet (the facility was closing as I and two others were quickly ushered out, and I did not receive a copy of my grades), will they appear on the PMI site eventually when I log in? and do I have to wait for Prometric to update PMI with my test results, then get another eligibility id before I can re-enroll with Prometric.  Find it hard to believe they are so tightly linked but maybe.

2.  My main experience with the test that I have to pass along and would love feedback to see if others experienced similar tests, was that thru the majority of the test, I had a few formula problems sprinkled through here and there.  I have to say that for all the practice problems I did and high comfort level I had going in, the math problems on the actually test were much more convoluted and not nearly as neatly, simply set up as any practice problems I did.  But the clincher was that I was suddenly hit with about 10 compex formula problems in the last minutes of the test - yes, I did not move from my seat the entire 4 hours and needed all the time just to get through.  I had actually been feeling very confident up until that point, and when I saw one math problem after another with each 'next' ... I had a slow sinking feeling that I was about to lose my opportunity for PMP.

Is this typical?  I can't believe it can b,e as these questions are supposedly randomly generated, yet what bad luck that I would get them all in the end, when I was already drained and had no sense of gathering my thoughts in time to salvage the test.  Also, if anyone has a good site for hitting the more complex presentation of these problems, please share.



 Thanks for sharing your expereince.   

Best of luck on your second attempt.!

I had the same expereince when taking the exam , I got similar questions appearing one after the other. At one point, I was even thinking that the question generator software is grouping questions by Knowledge area.

It sometimes gets maddening, as you will get 10 difficult questions in a row, then a few easy ones, then again a series of difficult questions. 

Anyway, we cannot do anything about it, only thing possible from our side is prepare, prepare and then prepare again. 

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 Hi PT

You should do the Brainbok 50 math questions; it prepares you very well for all formula based questions.

Best of Luck for your next attempt.