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I m so upset as i failed the PMP today.............I have read PM book and Rita Mulcahy, in addition, I also used PM fasttrack 7 to prepare for mock exam , the avearge of mock exam result around 70%. But when i tried to real PMP exam today. I felt that there are big different with the PM fasttrack 7... I spent 20 mins in first 10 questions.......... finally,  i dont have any time to review..........when i pressed the "END" button in the real EXAM. The result as below:

Initiating: Below Proficient

Planning: Below Proficient

Executing: Below Proficient

M&C :  Below Proficient

Closing : Moderately Proficient

I spent around 1 months ( 8 hrs/ day) to prepare the exam but failed. Is there anyone certified PMP able to let me know what can i to do to improve in PMP exam. Thanks a lot.


Sorry to hear that you could not make your certification, your score shows gaps in different areas. From my experience here are some tips:

-->If you have soft copy of PMBOK 4, arrange the book based on Process groups or try to study based on process group. Read atleast 2-3 times and try to read each and every word written, it helps to fill some more gaps when you read it. Here are page numbers from PMBOK 4 for your reference:

Initiating:104-109,277-282 - Done (12 Pages)
Planning: 109-113,136-153,164-191,196-210,223-232,249-256,282-289;307-338,347-359 -(137 Pages)
Executing : 114-119;232-236;256-272;289-296;359-366 - Done (44 Pages)
Monitor and Control - 120-130,154-159,191-195,210-219,237-245,297-302,339-343,366-372 ( 59 Pages)
Clsoing: 130-133,372-375 - Done (8 Pages)

-->Rita Mulcahy is very good and try to do all the exercises after each chapter, if you can arrange the books again by process and study that would be good way. Read Page 25-27 which gives you good exam tips on important points.

--> You can refer my Note's under PMZILLA library: ABHISHEK's Version of PMP Notes and read all the IMP Points atleast 4-5 times , more is better. As you read again and again you will remember it.

--> Try more and more mockup exams, here are good list of free mockup exams and after each exams review where you had gap and note it down as your own important points

Mockup exams( I have also included this in my notes under exam tips)


-PMSTUDY Free 200 question

-Simplilearn 200 questions

-Head first 200 questions 

-Oliver Lehman 175 and 75 questions

-ITTO Mockup exams for practicing - there would be around 5-6 questions on ITTO but you dont need to memorize, just read it couple of times

-Farnadales Mockup questions -260 questions

--> Memorize page 43 table of PMBOK 4

--> Last but not the least, keep reading lesson learned in this and any other forums and see if you have any gaps. Ignore going to multiple books as these 2 books should suffice.

I am positive the number of pages we have in Initiating and closing process group, it would surely give you good score this time. Good luck for your preparation, keep tracking your scores and gap.



Abhishek, PMP




Hi Abhishek,

Thank you for your detail information, may I know how to access the PMZILLA library ? Thx.


Thx, buddy

When a plan does not work, it means time to change the plan and try something else. Make lesson learnt like:
1. More emphasis on PMBOK assuming each PMBOK line is a potential PMP questions
2. Trying various options for the Mock test and not just 1-2. Variations in language, authors, and sentences will make you more robust and strong.
3. Do not try any shortcut as it cuts your way.
4. Patience – Do not hurry this time, PMP preparations needs time, first study and try recommended mock tests and once you feel comfortable schedule the exam.

Better and differently plan next time and make sure you execute it. Good Luck!

Saket, PMP

Hi Saket,

Thank you for your information.