Fail PMP 5/9 4MP 1 BP

4 MP in each area and 1 BP in Planning but I failed.

I've seen others with BP in Planning & other domain with MP in the remaining domains but still passing, any idea's why? Did I just score so low in the Planning domain it brought I failed the entire pmp?



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Sorry to hear you failed your exam. No one seems to really know if PMI uses any algorithm to determine a pass or fail status. My guess is that your BP have pulled down your score to miss the 106 mark by maybe 1 or 2 points. 

But don't give up. Just take a break and get at it again. I passed mine on my second try. Good luck!

Thank you!

1 or 2 pts is quite gut wrenching. :( :( :(

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I am shock to hearing fail with (4 MP and 1 BP in Planning).


Really sad!   The PMP  exam standards are very hard to understand.

Like your score equal to say that CPI = .99%  TCPI = 100.

That means you got all of groups except Planning Near to Profficient and Planning got  very Below BP.