Experts please help to clarify for Few Important questions

Hi All,

I need clarification on following concepts:

1) In which process we do formal acceptance of product or deliverable? Validate scope or Close phase/project?

2) n(n-1)/2 formula, is there a thumb rule to clarify how many persons/ stake holders we need to consider during calculation, is always PM needs to be added? under what condition we need to add PM and under what condition we don't need to add?

3) What is difference between configuration management and change management? which one is used where? any examples

4) Scope creep and gold platting: I understand scope is uncontrolled and gold platting is controlled o give exta, any examples?

5) Change Request: I believe, we need to raise change request for Corrective action, Preventive action and defect repair...and these change request have to go through perform integrated change control process, once approved, then they will be implemented. Correct? Now my question is, does these change request always affect base lines? if not, then when they affect the base lines? and when they do not affect the base lines? any example?

Appreciate your quick help

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All these questions are already answered earlier in PMZilla. You can use search feature.