Exam-Lessons Learned


just passed my PMP exam and wanted to share some feedback.

- 3P(roficient) and 2 Moderately P
- finished first run after 3 hours and 30 minutes for reviewing the marked questions

Books used:
- Sybex Study Guide:different order than then PBMOK but good otherwise.
- PBMOK 5th: I actually found the flowcharts and the process group overviews very helpful 

Prepexams (total around 1000questions, note all the misses for review and study):
- SimpliLearn: 70-80% (found about 10 mistakes in their exams, but they were quick to reply
 and corrected them)
- Oliver Lehmann: ~75%
- PreparePM: 70%
- Sybex questions after each chapter: 75% (directly after studying)

Checked but not used:
- Head-First: I am a visual learning type, but do not need all the pictograms. Less content

- once through the Sybex Study guide
- Exams + Analysis
- Review of critical parts in PBMOK
- intensive studying of flow charts

- around 20 hours stuying
- around 30 hours exams + review
- in about 1 month

- ITTO: I did not memorize them. But it is sufficient if you are able to distinguish 
tools from inputs/outputs. This allows to solve most ITTO questions by exclusion.
- doing enough exams shows you your weakspots
- do exams from several sources
- try to get a feeling for priorities: customer first, impact estimation before change, always do lesson

General Exam:
- I cannot recall any of those negative formed questions ("except","not")
- about 20 questions were if with more studying a matter of "taste" and opinion
- 2 or 3 questions were clearly test-questions as they were incomplete or incorrect
- time should be never a problem
- only 1 or 2 trick questions
- some of the EV,PV,AC questions offered additional unneeded information, don't be side tracked
- Meta topics: late scope requests, unsatisfied stakeholders
- only one question related to ethics

- I listed all the topics which have been touched by questions (the list should
be pretty complete, as I went through my study material directly after the exam
to recall all the topics). It covers quite a lot, but thats what you should know.

Ev,ac,pv,cpi,spi,tcpi, 5-10 questions
Payback,irr (no calculations using discounting)
Records management system
Control scope vs. Quality control
Scatter diagram: what for
Unhappy customers or stakeholders
Secondary risk
Work authorization system
Charter, business case ( what first)
Where to look up details or rough scope
Quality audit,assurance
Statistical process control
Comm. models
Risk reassessment
Scope changes (many questions)
PDM,AOA, Crit. Path, crit. Chain, float
Procurement closure, documents of procurement
Contract types: risks, best price ….
Crashing, fast tracking
Pull communication (intranet database)
Team conflict solutions
Correct raci diagram (only one A for accountable!)
Make or buy (calculation and comparison of costs)
Ground rules to ensure proper meetings
Delphi method
Resource leveling
Positive risks and sharing
Risk attitude
Requirements tracability matrix
Interview technique (requirements)
Wbs, work package
Communication channels (n*(n-1)/2, but always read question exactly)
Interpretation of graphical earned value analysis
Rolling wave planning
Tools define scope (alternative, product analysis,…)
Use of prototypes (risk strategy)
Risk strategies: avoidance vs. mitigations vs. acceptance
Budget cut, what to do
Lesson learned, where to look
Cost of quality definition
Bidder conference
7 above/below rule to detect process that nees to be adjusted
Stake holder identification models
Direct/indirect costs (training for project vs. employee salary)
Work performance information vs. data
Analogoues vs. bottom up estimation (in presence of historical data)
Theory x/y
Change control (board) scope creep
Invitation for bid/ rfp
Storming,norming (2Q): difference norming/performing ?
Ishikawa vs. influence diagrams
Content of scope statement, ….charter
Definition of key performance metrics (?forecasts or corrective actions)
Issue log
What to do when resources are shifted (negotation ?)
Budget, baseline, management and contigency reserves
Team motivation using rewards

Have fun studying and much success


Congratulations on clearing your PMP. u have given enough info on the exam pattern, looks similar to most mock exams. 


~ Diba



Congratulations on passing the PMP exam!! Also, thanks for the detailed Lessons Learnt.

Quick question: Did SimpliLearn just admit to the errors in some of their exam questions, or did they actually go ahead and correct their exam for future students??

Thanks and regards.


They told me that they would change it, which sounded credible as the
answer to my comments was very detailed.

I did not check it as I did not retake the tests.



 Dear Friend,

         Congrats and thanks for sharing indetail LL.