Exam tomorrow--> starting 15 minutes tutorial


Do I need to complete the tutorial or read anything to understand?

I have written somethings which is taking me 12-13 minutes to write down

As soon as tutorial start I can start writing on paper? tutorial time finishes automatically even If I don't click read?

How the screen look like, not looking for surprises?




No need to read the tutorial ..its very simple instructions ..use that time to create your brain dump sheet ..yes its an automatic timer which will start because the Prometric guy would ask you to press start tutorial witin 1 minute of your entry into the Prometric exam

Be relaxed and go with a full night sleep

 Thanks, I have morning slot 8:00 EST so exam is on 12th Wed

Will update you guys...

I haven't score more higher than 72% in any exam , rest all are 62 approx.

So bit nervous.. let' C



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Your confidence matters, Read your notes or Rajesh nair notes, its good revision.