Exam this thursday, need expert judgement on my current level

Need expert suggestions on how am i doing, have my exam scheduled on Thursday (3/24)

Last week scored below marks in 1st time:

PMStudy 2 - 84%

PMStudy 3 - 81%

PMStudy 4 - 80%

Christopher Scordo (13 - 19) - 79% - 85%

Andy Crowe 200 Qns - 89%

Head First 200 Qns - 86%

(Taken one month back)

Rita Fastrack - 75%

PM Study 1 - 77%

I am planning to go through (high level) all pages of PMBOK once to make sure i know all terms and retake Oliver Lehman & Rita Fastrack in next two days.

Is there anything i can try to make sure i am ready for the exam. Suggestions Pls.

What was your result? Please Share

Hi Raghav,


Your score shows you are all set for the exam. Read PMBOK & focus on the Exam day. You are going to make it. Keep your cool & confidence high during the exam. Results will take care of its own.

Best of Luck !!




Thank you Jerry!

Today i cleared the PMP Exam today with 4P & 1MP (Closing). Thanks to this forum and everybody.