EXAM Success 08/08

Hello all,

Thanks to all at PMZilla for helping me to pass the exam.

Study Guide

6 months of on/off studying

Read PMBOK (Back to front then back again :))

Read Rita's EXAM prep (In My opinion the best book)

PMPerfect Exam simulation (Realisitc exam questions)

My tip: Practice lots of exam question


To all studying - good luck





Your tip for practice exams is good and I would add to that is to make sure why you have answered wrong.

Welcome to PMI community.

Sreenivas Vejandla PMP

Exam is an experience that almost every student goes through. Imagine drinking all that coffee and energy drink, and not realizing it is already morning. But,all those efforts and preparations will be payed off when you pass that examination. - TexasLending.com