Exam scheduled on Sep 20th. What could be the changes? Please help.

 Dear PM gurus,

Though I am doing fairly well in the mocks, I felt, I still need to be better.

So, postponed my Aug 25th exam to September 20th.

(1) Can someone throw light what could be the changes in the new pattern of the exam?

(2) I read HeadFirst, Rita, Kim Heldman. Still not confident on ITTOS. Someone is saying Andy Crowe book is good in that part. Can anyone share if you have it with you? I have seen it's price is 40 pounds. I rather spend that money on the mock exams from PMZILLA or pm study.

I can leave my postal address to post it (I am in the UK). Don't mind to negotiate the price you offer :)






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In my opinion any 1  book is enough apart from PMBoK. I dont think you need to buy any more books, Please spend time on practice tests now. Actually head first is good for clearning concepts, later just refer to pmbok and rita



 I think you should not postpond the exam from 25th Aug. At this point, everyone knows how the exam is and how the questions come on the exam. After the changing the exam on 1st of September, it will take some time to know how the changes have taken place and what is the new questions scenario. As you are already studying for the PMP and have given some exams as well so better to do it before 31st from my point of view.



Do you know You wont get your result same day if you Apply for the exam after 30th Aug, You will get your results around October