Exam scheduled next month

Dear All,

I have been reading the posts in this forum since last 3 months. They are really motivating and useful. I have my exam scheduled on 8th of Aug. So far I have completed reading of PMBOK 4 times. Please suggest the plan of action.

I have tried a mock test from pmpforsure and scored 66%. Would like to know if I should refer any other material / websites.

Mywear areas are Risk, Quality and Procurements`


Rajendra Bhandare

Few questions?

1. Apart from PMBOK did you read any other good reference books?
2. Did you just try one mock test from Ppmforsure or did you also try other free good test like Pmstudy, Simplilearn, TechFaq360 etc etc?
3. What all preparations you have done so far and since how many days?

Saket, PMP

Hi Mr Rajendra Bhandare,

I saw your mail quite early on my BB. However, I thought let someone like SS reply you since his answer would be the most pertinent and indeed quite situation specific. I could feel a sense of distress in you and I knew he would definitely come in between and thats what he did. :) :) :)


Reading your post gave me goose-bumps, honestly speaking. Scoring 66% in PMPforsure is not a very exciting stage and wonderful position to be in. I would rate PMPforsure quite up there on toughness ground as well s sensible ground. His owner Anmol Sinha is a wonderful human being.


The problem is that I forsee is you going through the Bible and not referring to anything else. I shall tell you why? PMBOK is quintessentially a boring book with only theories where as if you also start reading books like Headfirst PMP it will make you understand the concept little easier since they go by pictures and as they say picture speaks much louder than words.

Still I cant tell you what to do and what not to do. Still that does not refrain me from saying what I am doing. Am I a benchmark. OFCOURSE NOT!!! I had failed once terribly in PMP with 3 BPs and 2MPs. I had one P in professional and social responsibilty, which also is taken off by PMI :(


I am studying the Bible, of course, coupled with some extra books like PMPMaths by Subraniam. Books on Risk, Critical Path, HR management by the director of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.


For PMP, Rita coupled with her 1533 questions and Head 1st.


How I am doing? I have taken 4 tests from PMPforsure so far and have scored 72, 62, 65 and 68 % so far. Progressive elaboration does not hold true for me seemingly :)


Am I satisfied? Yes, since I am doing pretty well on ITTOs. 1 month back I used to think will I ever know ITTOs and today 85-90% is a commonplace out of every 50-100-200 questions that I take from Brainbok.

Its high time that one should never compare with one another. Take for an example, yesterday Dibakar Mukherjee got through with an astonishing 5Ps. Who is he? Ok he is a Narsee Monjee alumni and had missed IIT by a whisker. Now, if I start comparing myself with him then I should go take a walk. I am not sure about Saket Sir (SS), however, I get the feeling that he is too Good to be true. Follow his writings.


Dont get usurped if people write I cleared in 1 month, I cleared in 20 days or 15 days. Show them your middle finger. Dont give two hoots on them. Prepare hard. Know your ITTOs. Read some more texts other than the Bible and in 20days you would see a marked difference than what you are today. Go with immense confidence.


Even if you fail, touchwood, heavens would not drop. What I was before the first fateful attempt and what I am today? Is there any difference? None whatsoever except my bank account getting a bit lighter and Citibank enjoying to the hilt :)


Sorry for writing a long post. Since I identified my case with yours so thought let me write somethig to myself and not to anyone else.


All the best.


Until then!

Warmly, Kranti Kumar aka KK.....

Dear Mr KK and Mr Saket,

Thank you very much for your elaborate and valuable feedback. I will definately follow your advice and refer to some other texts also. So far I was relying on PMBOK and the notes provided by REP. I will wkeep you posted on my progress.  Just one question my exam is on 13th of Aug (yesterday by mistake I mentioned date as 8th aug), should i reschedule or I will be able to manage in next 30 days ?


Rajendra Bhandare

Kranti has already given you some tips he is following. You should think about those. Just to add more to Kranti suggestion for you, here is what I would suggest.

1. Don’t postpond your exam…30 days from now is fine….provided you can spent 4 hours an average daily.
2. You have already read the notes from your REP, it adds lots of value. Try reading either of Rita or Andy in these 30 days
3. Out of 4 hours daily do these (point 4 and point 5)
4. First 2 hours – Practice around 70-100 PMP type questions. Since you have little time, buy on your descretion. Before choosing make sure, you choose that, where you score tight. Keep in mind you always learn from mistakes and never from success. The test where you score 75/80% or above will never contribute toward your learning.
5. Next 2 hours – The question you attempt wrong read those section from PMBOK and for the other time, read the reference book.
6. Keep making short notes, keep a fresh notebook with you and keep writing IITO as you encounter them during these days. This will help you in revising notes 1-2 days before your actual exam.

Good luck.

Saket, PMP

Pls can i know your profile?You appear to have wealth of experience in teaching and perfect directing.

Your contributions are really encouraging.

Pls keep it up.


Hi Mr R Bhandare,


The question asked is something which only you can decide if you are ready to sit on the hot seat or no. As I said in my lst post to you, you would find people saying I cleared in 15-20 odd days and those people will tell you yes, you  are good to go. Do you want to follow them or no is an out and out your decision!


You have already read PMBOK (Bible) 3-4 times which is excellent. It means you do have the concept and all it needs a reference book like Rita or Head 1st to further clear it. In this case, 1 month is fine.


How good are you with Maths and ITTOs? I feel you must be okay with ITTOs if you have gone through PMBOK. Else you can buy Brainbok (www.brainbok.com) for a month for 9.99$. It has certainly helped me a LOT and remember I am only through 20% of PMBOK. Knowing ITTOs has helped me in understanding PMBOK in a better and logical way. For Maths, I am referring to Subraniam, PMP. Very good read, for sure.


For mock tests, I am referring to PMPforsure and Rita. On PMI site you can get Anbari and Scordo, no need to buy them. Devote 3-4 hours everyday and more on Sat-Sun and you would do v v well.


Regarding extension. It depends when is your 1 year period ending? You can extend by a month or more or else you need to shell out $70, as per new guidelines by PMI. Again, the call has to be taken by you!


Dont worry. Work hard, stay smart.


Warmly, KK....