Exam scheduled on 19th march

Dear All,

Need some feedback regarding PMstudy Mock test

I gave 2 tests PMSTUDY 1 AND 2.

I got 73% and 68% accordingly.

But for the 2nd test the % has increased from 68% to 72% by itself in 2 days now. why is the % increasing?.

need your suggestion whether to go forward with my exam or postpone it.




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While your score are good, i would advise you to take test from atleast 2 different sources. So take some more free tests and maybe 1 paid more from a different reputed source. If you score around 70+ then you should be good for real exam. Having said that , ultimately you are the best judge of your confidence.


thank you for your feedback.

I  have given free test from Simpli learn(73%) EXAM Central( 75% and 72%) and techfaq 360(78%).But i found these tests to be bit easy and not situational(Like the one you get in Exam).

Can you suggest me some reputed source to get paid mock test.




Go for it, I think that you're in good position. 

 Friend altough you have a chance of passing but I suggest that do more practice improve in the domain which you are weak , clear your concepts and when you are taking more than 75 % then go for the exam, why take risk.