Exam scheduled on 18 March 2013

I am not able to reply on my previous thread don’t know why. Creating a new thread that I have booked the exam date as 18 March 2013.
3 times PMBOK, two times Head first. Tried 3 full length Mock test from knowledge wood and few other Mock tests and getting around 60 – 65 %

Score of recent Mock tests:
PMStudy (FREE) score is 69.1
And PMFORSURE (FREE) score is 59.1
Now my planning is Wednesday & Thursday – Mock test and compare wrong answers from PMBOK
Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Go through PMBOK and Abhishek version notes
Don’t know why I am not scoring good Marks in Mock test.

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Hi Gaurav

You are border line case, you need to up your mock test scores and prepare well,.

 Please dedicate more time and committment to read through PMBOK and understand the concepts more. This will also improve your mock tests performance. Good luck!.

Exam is on Monday morning at 08:00 AM. I have tried two more tests recently from Christopher Scordo
Scordo 16 – 58%
Scordo 18 – 68 %
What should I do in remaining two days once again go through PMBOK or read notes and tried more Mock tests. Please reply asap as I need to be in action.

Hi Gaurav

I am not an expert as i have not passed PMP. But i can put my 2 cents as i can feel how you would be feeling as exam is very near. Problem is the questions are extremely confusing in these tests and you do not know whether exam questions will be straightforward or confusing. We will only know monday once you are done with exam. People in forum have said that later tests of Scordo are difficult, but again i havent done those, so i dont know.So strategy for now in my opinion is to Read high level notes and try to remember as much as you can and practice the exams again and again.  Try to read Rajesh Nair Notes, try to do more questions and i would say on Sunday reading the high level notes like Rajesh Nair Notes and making sure you know all the important stuff is important. As when it comes to questions its like comparing to the cricket metholody ' A good batsman will bat based on the ball'. So you can read question very carefully and if you have knowledge about more stuff and if knowledge is accurate, than chances are always higher that you will get it right. Regarding reading PMBok, it of course wont hurt, but even in my opinion, PMBok is tough to read and with limited time, high level notes, summarizing everything once again and making sure you remember could turn out to be more important.

Please try this exam as well


Even i have the schedued the same date. I am still going PMBOK once more... plannign to take test from tomorrow. All the best..

Please try this exam as well


Even i have the schedued the same date. I am still going PMBOK once more... plannign to take test from tomorrow. All the best..

Sangeetha i think at this moment it will be difficult for me to go with 4 hour test as 1 more day with me. But just now I have tried Christopher 14 test and i got 78%. There is so much fluctuation in result :( I think as suggested by patel it will be better to go with high level revision instead of go with PMBOK again. Any last minutes suggestions for me. I am bit scared 

All the best to both Gaurav and Sangeetha.

Be positive. and Keep the spirits high.

I will follow soon and targetting by Mid April

Waiting to see the successful result on 18th Mar


Hi , Please post the status of your exam results and a brief overview. I am sure you will PASS. Good Luck.

 Hi Gaurav, how did it go?????. Can't wait to read your success story!.

Hi All,

I am really sorry for late reply. Finally I have passed the PMP exam. Thanks so much for PMZILLA and all of you for your valuable suggestions.
I will surely write LL and share my experienced with you. It will take some time to express my experienced into words.

Thanks so much.


Congratulations Gaurav. Have a nice time.

Congratulations Gaurav


Please share LL and also please let us know your last 4 days preparation. What did you do during those days to make this happen?

On 1st 2 days focused on Mock tests. I would recommend Christopher 13 to 18 tests. And for wrong answers refer PMBOK.
On last 2 days focused on high level revision as suggested by you only  . Just kept one thing in mind that be relax and trust on your preparation (although it was difficult for me in actual).
During last days before the exam don’t be panic.

Thanks Gaurav


How were your scores in Scordo when you practiced last and what was your rating in the real exam.


Congratulations once again