Exam in next 2 days

I will be sitting for PMP exam in next 2 days. Though I had taken most of my preparation a per PMBOK4, just tried to skim through the additional 5 topics as per PMBOK5. Not fully confident of all the areas/KAs. Had given some 2-3 full tests and scored around 70%. In last 2 days I am just skimming through the topics from the notes, PMBOK, Rita and Kim.

Lets c how it goes. Wishing all the best to myslef.


 Koushik I just took and passed exam yesterday.  It is tough indeed, but the questions are mostly straightforward.  There are some that are killers, but the anwers themselves make this test tricky.  

If you're well prepared knowledgewise you should prevail, and you will need all of that preparation.


Good luck my friend.  Eye of the Tiger!


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Good luck!!!