Exam on May 3rd


I am scheduled for May 3rd exam. I have only one month left.
Read PMBOK once and currently reading Rita's book. 
So far scoring about 50 to 55% in online tests.

I am struggling with Cost management formulas. what is the best way to memorize those.
Is one month enough to take the test or should I postpone it to end of May.

Would be helpful to know the best strategy to get ready in one month. Any tips??


Why are you keeping '1month' period? Do you have a deadline?

My advise is not to attend the exams untill;

1.  you have gone through the PMBOK atleast twice

2. Made your own summary handnotes to go through before the exam

3. Achieving an average score of 75-80% in your practise tests

Cost Management formulae - are simple to memorise, prepare your ultimate dump sheet and just keep writing it down a few times everyday and you will get it engraved in your mind.




Yes, I have a deadline. I'll be travelling after that and currently I am not working so I can dedicate 8 hrs everyday to study for PMP exam. 

My goal is to read:

PMBOK twice and Rita's book twice

and then take bunch of online tests.

I need recommendation for which PMP simulation tests should I buy. Is the link given below good to buy simulation tests.



8 hours * 25 days = 200 hours,  i feel fair enough time to clear the exam, if concentrated properly

all the best.



 Please you need to study more!!!!!!!!

If you want pass in you exam you shoul read senciarly. Any papers you can solve for you great study.


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