exam on 9/25/14

Hey all!

any tips, i have been scoring in the high 50's on several practice mocks! any pointers for prep.

I have read PMBOK, and Rita several times.. but cant seem to pass the high 50's mark..

i have also memorized page 61, and most of the HR theorists

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Take more mock tests free ones are listed here on PMZilla. http://pmzilla.com/free-pmp-exam-mock-questions-important-links-best

Today is my first day posting on pmzilla as I have just passed my PMP on Saturday (yeay) and my advice for anyone struggling at the end: bootcamp! I was in the same situation having a hard time raising my scores. I did a 4-day bootcamp last week and it was great. I knew so much so I was relaxed, but also learned sooooo many new things that I skipped over in PMBOK/Rita. I didn't know who Vroom was. I didn't know that in a RACI chart you can only have one "A" per task, etc. etc. There is a ton of small details to learn. What do you think you need to learn more of? Testing in the 50s sounds a little low to take the exam...would be better to be at least in low 70s consistently.

Best of luck!