Exam in 5 days need advice on Simulated Tests and any other suggestions

 Hi Fellow members 


I have been reading though the forum for some time , though I was a late entrant 

I have my examin 5 days time , I am at present reviewing the PMBOK one last time and taking simulates tests


Following are my test scores till date 

Andy Crowe 200 - 84%

Head First 200 - 84%

PMstudy 1 - 75 %

PMSTUDY 2 - 77%

PMSTUDY 3 - 88%

PMMSTUDY 4 - 78%


Request your guidance in assesing my scores and suggesting any other useful mock tests that I should give 

I am planiing to give  one Rita Fast track , one oliver lehman , and one scribd mock test and spend my time reviewing pmbok 

Any useful suggestions from seniors and mentors are welcome , Also if anyone could let know a good reliable source to solve math problems , as time is limited 

thanks in advance for the help