EVM Question (ETC)

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Hi All,

Q: You know that BAC = 375, PV = 300, AC = 200, and cumulative EV = 250. Variances that have occurred on the project to date are not expected to continue. What is the ETC?

A.    75

B.    50

C.    125



        D.    150

Kim has given : The correct formula for ETC for this question is as follows: BAC - cumulative EV.

I have ever seen only one formula for ETC = EAC – AC.  Please clarify.

Hi Mani,

ETC = EAC - AC is correct. What do you substitue for EAC. ?

EAC =  BAC/CPI if the same performance continues. But questions mentions same performance is not expected to continue. So you should consider atypical formula for EAC calculation

EAC = AC+ BAC-EV. Substitue this for EAC in your ETC formula

Therefore ETC = (AC +BAC - EV) - AC. That means ETC =  BAC - EV.

Hope this helps.


Anand KL, PMP