EVM and EVT...whats difference

PMBok Glossary has these 2 terms.

How is EVT different from EVM, as I see EVM as the technique in the Control Costs etc. No where else in the PMBOK, I am able to find EVT, its only in Glossary


Earned Value Management (EVM). A management methodology for integrating scope, schedule, and resources, and for objectively measuring project performance and progress. Performance is measured by determining the budgeted cost of work performed (i.e., earned value) and comparing it to the actual cost ofwork performed (i.e., actual cost).

Earned Value Technique (EVT) [Technique]. A specifi c technique for measuring the performance of work andused to establish the performance measurement baseline (PMB).



Nothing more than two management research terms:

Methodology (EVM) is usually a guideline system for solving a problem, with specific components such as phases, tasks, methods, techniques and tools.

Technique (EVT) – is an approach i.e. part of Methodology.

Saket, PMP