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You have been asked by your company to manage a project in a foreign country. You must obtain a license for starting your project, but realize that acquiring this license will take two weeks - this may lead to unnecessary delays and cost overruns. One of your team members informs that she can get the license in two days by paying an additional fee of $ 100. In this context, you should:



Choice 1

Ask your team member to get the license as early as possible by paying an additional fee.



Choice 2

Wind up the project and move to another country.



Choice 3

Obtain the license through the normal path without paying additional fee, and inform your senior management about the impending delay.



Choice 4

Proceed with the project work without the required license.




Paying additional fee is not a bribe; but costing some extra.



 yes...1 is correct ans... Can you pls explain?

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 A. Let's say you can get a new passport via regular service (45 days) for $30 and by paying "addition fee", you can get it done in the consulate in (5 days) and you pay $75. Would you classify the extra $45 as bribe to Indian Consulate in US? No Right, I hope you got it.

 yes got the idea....Thanks..

 Yeah your right, a fee is not bribe.