You are working on a 12 month assignment to build a website with 4000 pages for $ BAC. You are supposed to spend $ PV every 3 months. After 6 months, you determine that only $ EV of work is completed and cost incurred is $ AC. What is the ETC?

 1     BAC - EV
 2     BAC/CPI
 3     BAC-EV/CPI
 4     BAC-EV/(CPI * SPI)

 think it is 1,,whats the answer?

ETC = BAC - EV for an atypical situation (example - hard drive failed with primary copy of website lost),  ETC = BAC - EV/CPI for typical (example - labor costs will continue to rise to end of assignment.)  Folks, jump in if I have this wrong.

In wht situation will it be ETC = BAC - EV / (CPI * SPI) ?

That formula is also mentioned for typical, in cases where schedule is impacting ETC.

This is to be used when both schedule and cost are impacting


 How do you understand from this question that the schedule is important constraint?

In exams, it will be specifically mentioned but in practical application, it is rarely used.

unless you have data of both SPI or CPI (either mentioned or derived), you cannot use the above formulae.

Unless specified, please ignore SPI for your calculations.

But however if you want to apply in real case scenario, it depends on your project performance and how you perceive ur time schedule