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In your project, you are estimating schedule activity costs by determining the unit cost rates, e.g., staff costs per hour. All the following could be used to determine resource cost rates EXCEPT:



Statistical relationship between historical data and other variables



Gathering quotes



Standard rates with escalation factors (for contracts)



Commercial databases or seller published price lists


 IN my opinion it should be 2.

Gathering quotes ---- it is an artivity during, conduct procurement, against (in response of) RFQ.

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2. Gathering Quotes?

While gathering quotes, we can ask for the detailed analysis whereas in case of unit rates but incase of commercial databases, it does not provide you the break up.

Hence I would go for answer 4




 dear bkt

when u will define resource cost , ( I think never after calling quotation)

in option D - also seller price list is given,

Database may be of price list


 Ans Given as 1.

Parametric estimating uses a statistical relationship between historical data and other variables. 
All the other options are valid ways to determine unit cost rates.