Earned value

Dear Pawar

Can you please clarify the small fundamental ambiguity on Earned Value ?

Suppose I have bagged the Order of Rs. 100 Cr.

My BAC is say Rs. 90 Cr., let us say time is 1 year

I am reviewing the Job  internally after six months, in that circumstances,

 PV @ 6 months,would be Rs. 45 Cr, Isn't it ? but not Rs. 50 Cr.

Ur clarification is awaited



 I got your point.

actually there will be two organizations- seller and customer

for your internal project -BAC -  project cost -( cost baseline) will be 90crs and PV for 6 month will be if 45crs.

for customer it will be 100crs and 50crs conversely.