Earned my PMP Credential - 24th May 2012

I passed my PMP credential examination on 24th May 2012; first attempt. I went through a bunch of LL’s, both to keep me on track throughout plus to calm myself after a chain of low scoring simulations. My real concern was the changes that affected the examination post 31st August ’11 and the content of the free simulated examinations matched the content or not. I figured later it doesn’t really matter since in the real examination I would not be keeping track of the answered questions in terms of the process groups.
My preparation commenced in May ’11 where I started with getting the PMI membership as the very first step, enrolling for a formal R.E.P. training and getting the latest edition of HeadFirst PMP. My preparation was well underway but come June, a lot of personal and professional commitments bumped up on the priority list and continued til the mid of March ’12. I would say the real prepations commenced in March 2012 itself where I started completing the pending sections from the chapters. The only book I had consulted till this time was HeadFirst PMP – I found it extremely useful and in my opinion, helped a lot to retain the concepts.
Study Plan
1.      Head First PMP – All chapters with a thorough understanding with all the questions at the end of each chapter – 1st pass
2.      Head First PMP  - All chapters with ITTOs srcibbled in a dedicating notepad,  consolidated questions with crosswords – 2nd pass
3.      Head First PMP 200 questions sample paper
4.      Glanced through Head First and a couple of glances at the scribbled ITTOs
5.      The free exam simulations with results (posted below in chronological order)
6.      PMBOK 4th edition 1st pass
7.      Condensed revision of PMBOK concepts (study material handed over by the R.E.P.)
Classroom by R.E.P.
Head First PMP
Oliver Lehmann
Gaps in preparation identified
Oliver Lehmann
Further gaps identified
Repetative questions but very relevant
For this array of simulation tests, I really do want to acknowledge Manu Chandrashekar’s article - Just another LL: Passed PMP in my first attempt on 01-May-2012. This article really helped me during the final hours (read days) of preparation and provided extremely helpful links and tips. As pointed out in this article, Raga’s 355 points was a quick revision of the entire study and the simulations with some very important pointers.
What I did differently is however made a lot of plan for the last day of preparation and the basis is completely my personal style of preparation.
Day of the Exam
My exam was scheduled for 9:00 AM and I do stay reasonably close to the prometric center, still managed to reach 30 minutes before the exam. Light breakfast and green tea were the flavors of the day with a chocolate bar packed in the bag (didn’t use it though). I started off slow with a minute per question which further decelerated post the first hour, took a break after 100th question and the 2nd one around 135th. Since I was spending enough time in the first go, I did not mark a lot of them for reviews – which eventually couldn’t be done considering 10 minutes is what I was left with in the end.
I would suggest ensuring you select the answers to all the questions and review this as the first thing. I noticed a couple of answered questions somehow, maybe two-clicks, were ‘de’selected. I didn’t get time to review the marked questions – at all. I eventually scored 2Ps and 3MPs.


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Congratulations. Glad to know that Raga's and Manu's Posts were helpful to you. Thanks for the detailed writeup



Thank you Admin!