Earned my PMP

Hello Everyone,

I am very happy and excited to announce that I passed the PMP exam on August 29, 2011.  would like to share my lessons learned. Hope it will be helpful to all the PMP aspirants.

It all started in June 2011. I bought Corenlius' Prepcast. It is an amazing product and concepts cant be expalined better than how Corenlius does it. I listed to the podcast, atleast twice when I went out, while driving etc. 

Then I set forth to referring Headfirst PMP and Rita. Headfirst is an excellent book. It was almost third week of July and for the next two weeks I dedicated my self to reading the PMBOK.

I then bough the PM EXAM SIMULATOR by Cornelius. The key to passing the exam is to practice, practice and practice although most of the ITTO questions are not the way it is asked in the exam. I attempted all the 9 test twice. In all I attempted about 3500 question from various sources, which has been made available by many users.

I was a regular visitor on the PMP online forums, expecially PMZILLA, PM PREPCAST etc. I tried to understand what users had gone through during the exam so as to have myself prepared.

Took one week leave from office for preparation. Day before examination I just went through PMBOK and Rajesh Notes. I also tried writing braindumps .

Exam Day
• Got up early, had breakfast .
• I reached 1.5 hr before the exam time and the Exam centre was yet to open.
• Was given a locker and were asked to put everything into that.
• Had security check and check-in procedure before entering the exam terminal.
• They gave 4 sheets of paper and 2 pencils and gave instructions and to raise hand in case need help or needed to take a break.
•  I wrote down all the braindumps during the time allotted for tutorial.
• Exam started and the initial questions appeared difficult in the beginning. After about 40 question, I was feeling more comfiortable.
•I finished the first pass in 2:10 and had about 60 questions for reviewed.
• I went through all the answers, spending more time to analysing what I had selected as my answer and why the other three were wrong. 
• I had about 2 minutes to finish and completed all the 200 questions review.
• Once I  finished the survey the screen went white again, then came on the screen CONGRATULATIONS and I was very Happy and excited to see it.  
• The staff handed over me the exam report printout.
• Called my family and was very happy to talk with them. I was completely dedicated on my studies and didnt have much time for them during the last many months.

My Study Material

• HeadFirst 
• Rita Book 
• PM Exam Simulatory, PMStudy and other questions from Internet, forums…

All the best …

Thanks & Best Regards
Remy Sam, PMP


Congrats Remy,

I know how it feels great when we get result as Passed. I have passed my exam too on 30-Aug-11.



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Congratulations Remy . As you have mentioned that just visiting these forums and reading can enhance your confidence.  Many people have echoed this here and I would recommend PMP aspirants to be in touch with some community forum on daily basis