Doubts in PMP Questions (Questions from different MOCK tests)..


I am preparing for the PMP Exam and attending MOCK tests now..

I have collected many questions which I did not understand how the answer is correct or How the answer was arrived...

I have captured all those doubtful questions and posted them in this blog

If you can provide some help on these questions it will be of great help..




Some of the answers suggested by the results does not make sense to me. I have not read all since I do not want any confusion in my mind.

 I would stick to reputed sources and web sites. There are lot of money making web sites that sell mock tests without PM expertise supporting them. I would refrain from using them.

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I agree with nbk... You dont have to answer all the questions from all the sites. The trick to passing PMP is not to confuse yourself. Just take 3 to 4 free tests and couple of paid tests from reputed sources.

 Got it..Thanks