Don't Get Cocky Like I did!!

I made it thru 3 college degree programs by being blessed with the ability to remember pretty much anything that I read.

After Reading Thru PMBOK and Rita's, I 'KNEW" everything contained within the pages.  I failed my first attempt at the PMP exam by a squeek.  Why?  As everybody keeps saying, memorizing the information won't get you thru the test.  I only did as well as I did because I have so many years practical hands on Project Management Experience.

I knew that my weak area was my inability to 'forget' what I have done for decades and apply the information within PMBOK to the questions.  Many, many times I diasagreed with their opinions concerning logical project progression, but I had to put things into perspective and realized that they are attempting to draw a bubble around every industry and apply a common approach to project management.  This has is good and bad points, but they own the rules.

So that being said, I passed the second time quite easily.  The difference this time was that I accumulated literally thousands of sample questions and spent 2 solid months running thru them at every spare moment.  I had questions stored on my laptop, phone and hard copies here and there.  That is the true secret to the test.  Understand HOW to take it.  Once you can crack the meaning of those words, your knowledge of your own weaknesses becomes quickly apparent and the gaps start to fill in. 

Read everything that you can about how to analyze the questions and break them down to relevant points.  Look for trick questions.  Learn every possible type of question that might be presented and be ready.  Think of the test from the aspect that PMI doesn't want you to pass it so they are going to throw every type of trick imagineable at you.  That is not their intent, but think of it as if it were.  You need to have the attitude that you are not going to let this test beat you.  You are going to kick its butt.  And do it!!

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Congratulations on your 2nd attempt pass. Good you shared this experience.

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Congrats, thank you for sharing this LL. Many of people fails on PMP because of that, good thing you've recognize it and beat the exam.

Congratulations on getting PMP certified, thanks for sharing your experience, it will help other who wanted to be PMP certified.