Done It.... Passed PMP today


I passed the PMP today.

Venue: 1 Penn Plaza, NY

Lessons Learnt:

1. There is No need to memorize ITTO's, but knowledge of where the tools are being used is important (and that comes automatically if one practises over time)

2. Practise as many questions as possible. (Yes, this really works)

Resources Used:

1. PMBOk

2. Rita

3. Andy crowe

Practise Exams:

1. Headfirst ( very important) even if you memorize the questions do it over and over and over the last 3 days, i used to sprint the 10 questions and get 100% everytime

2. Rita's questions from book are good (they are close to what is in the exam)

3. PMStudy (2 tests)

4. Oliver lehman (175 questions)

About the Exam:

There were not many calculating questions...there were about 10-15 direct questions.

TIme studied

I studied for about 3 hours daily for about 3 months. Prepared my own notes, refered LL's from pmzilla, subscribe to in december...but then too read a lot of books from there.





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Congratulations Rishi. Thanks a lot for sharing your LL and experiences with this group.


Congrats for clearing the exam. Please can  you rate the practise exams you have taken in the scale of 1-10

Oliver lehman - 6 out of 10

Headfirst - 7.5 out of 10

Rita - 7 out of 10

PMSTUDY - 5 out of 10

I would however, encourage you'll to try different types of questions, weird questions, because it really prepares you for the shock in the exam...

I was in a big shock in the first 15 questions, but calmed down later, and improved my Pace...ITs a real tough exam...practise as much and DONOT OVERSTUDY...donot Over Prepare, otherwise you will be left in Analysis - Paralysis Mode...

That means you have studied/analysed a situation in such a depth, that it becomes of no use..(you keep forgetting things that you learnt)

I am here for help, ...