Does Experience Level in PMI form decides on the complexity of the exam?

 Hello Everyone,

I was discussing with a colleague about PMP examination. And I think I heard her say that experience mentioned in the PMI application form helps PMI decide the complexity of the questions on the exam.

I tried to argue that no one knows how PMI performs its activities regarding examination but the lady was very sure. 

As I know PMZilla forum is the best forum on the internet to get accurate answers on PMP related questions so thought of just checking if anyone has heard of such logic before.


 The idea is very imaginative but totally baseless..the difficulty level of questions does NOT depend on your work experience..

Hi pmpaspirant1,

Let me ask you a question do you think your level of interaction would be different if you are interacting with the SVP or CEO of a company as against a Manager? If the answer is yes, then I think the lady who told you was correct and if no then your question is invalid.


There is no official word on this but if I am asked I would say this does have some semblance of fact in it. Will I place my money on it? No, because there is no official word on it but deep down I feel it just MIGHT be correct. And as they say, Might in many circumstances is MIGHTY!




Wow, what a theory!

Very soon there would be some publication coming with a Title “PMP Result – Mystery reveled” and there would be millions of people who would buy it assuming this would help them to pass. Some would even post an LL saying they passed PMP because of this book. Anyway…Jokes apart now!

The biggest thing we know is “we don’t know”. However, based on various circle we people have and the PMI chapters we attend, the theory the lady gave, can be flushed out. Any application evaluation result in either of the two i.e. eligible or not-eligible. There is no such category like “Close to eligible”, “Super eligible” etc that can help in deciding PMP question complexity.

However there is something like psychometric analysis that PMI uses, it means based on question complexity, the marking might be different. If you ask me anything more on this, I would say…I don’t know.

I would advice, instead of wasting time in these conspiracy theories just believe in a simple theory i.e. target around 70% marks, you should pass PMP exam.

Saket, PMP