Do I need to have experience in all 43 processes to pass PMP Exam?

Hi everyone,

I have been studying to sit for the PMP exam. I read PMBoK twice and I am now tackling Rita's book for the 2nd time, I plan to practice exam questions in the coming weeks. I will be taking the exams in June 2013. Here is my dilemma:

Out of the 43 processes in the 9 knowledge areas, I use about 15 of them in my day to day projects. Do I need to worry that I do not use all PMP processes in my real-life projects? If so, what do I need to do to fill these gaps?


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Yes, you need to have experience in all the 42 processes to pass the PMP Exam. How are you even allowed to sit for the exam w/o the experience. I'll report you to PMI.


... Is this a real question? Questions like these take the credibility of a very well managed forum down.


I  do not appreciate your comment at all. I hope you think twice next time before you post anything!!

It does not mean if someone does not do all 43 processes in their day to day projects, they cannot sit for the PMP exam. This is a misconception on your part.  I have more than enough hours for the 5 process groups. PMI only looks at the 5 process groups for the application process. PMI does not expect anyone to have all 43 processes under their belt to be eligible to sit for the exams. Even in Rita's book, it mentions to look at which of the 43 processes you do not use in your day to day projects!!

If you do not have any constructive comments, I suggest you do not make any comments at all.