Didnt pass...and dont know why....got all 5BP

took the pmp exam on the 12th march 2014, i did lots of good mocks before the test.. and was averaging 75-80% and i was convinced i know the project mgt contents very well.. to my surprise i took the test and wat i saw was 5BP.... will really like to know wat happened.


Soo sorry about that but to be able to do a root cause analysis of what happened you may need to list the mock tests you took and scores and a brief description of your study plan. Doing this can help you change your approach for the next sitting also will help get input in terms of expert judgement from the experts inhouse. 

NOTE: You were just delayed don't consider it a failure. You can do it!!! 

This is very weird. please post mock tests that you took. I am sure you will pass it next time.

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