Delivery of Exam Results (Post 30 Aug 2011)

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An excerpt from our PM community article based on comms received from PMI;


Delivery of Exam Results

As we transition to the new examination, PMI must update its examination reporting processes. This means for a short period of time examination results will not be available immediately following the examination. There will be a 4–6 week period between taking the examination and receiving the results via email. We know this will be disappointing to candidates, but please let them know the delay is necessary any time an exam changes to validate the new examination structure. In particular, please note the following details about the delivery of the examination results.

  • Candidates who take the updated computer-based examination on or after 31 August will not receive immediate results at the Prometric testing center.

  • Candidates taking the updated paper-based examination can also expect a delay in receiving their examination results.

  • Once PMI validates the new examination structure (by mid-October) we will be able to resume providing individuals with immediate results at the Prometric testing center.

  • Each PMP candidate will receive a communication to notify them when their results are available at

  • All candidates can expect to receive their examination results by mid-October.