Deliverable in DMPE?

Dear All,


One thing which simply fails to get in my head is that how come deliverables be an output of DMPE (Direct and Manage Proj Exec) process?


I say so because are not deliverables a part of either Verify Scope or Perform QC process which is under  MCPW (Monitor and control work) domain.


Any clarification is much sought after and deeply appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



Let me ask you this very simple question KK. Can Monitoring and Controlling Project Work PRODUCE deliverables themselves?

I know your answer will solve your worries.

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Wow!!! Thanks so very much projmanpro.


I am thinking should I go for the test?  This was so basic and it should have struck my mind


Thanks so much. I have the answer!


Thank you so so so much...