Deep Fried Brain Question


         Below is  the question from Deep fried Brain . I was under the impression that stakeholders should be identified in project initiation as we do Identify stakeholders process in initiation,but the answer says otherwise ( marked in Green). Can someone guide me which is right?


 In order to improve the chances of project success, the project stakeholders should be identified at what stage?

A. Immediately after creating the project charter
  B. During project initiation
C. During project planning

D. Before project execution




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Hi - I need to tell many people especially myself to stay away from some unreputable sources. Stick to a few trusted exams that will actually assist in the exam viz. PM Fastrack, PM Study, etc.

In regards to the question, stakeholders (primary and pertinent secondary) should be identified in the project initiating phase. Any later than that, then you asking for trouble! Generally, planned work effort is expended during the initiating phase in regards to stakeholder identification but that does not mean that further stakeholders cannot be identified after as well. Technically, the suggested answer is correct but the 'BEST' answer is during project initiating. Hope that helped!