Decomposition question

Decomposition is a valuable tool for Create WBS process. However, decomposition may not be possible for a deliverable or subproject if:

Choice 1 The deliverable or subproject is very complicated

Choice 2 The deliverable or subproject is already being produced

Choice 3 The deliverable or subproject will be accomplished far into the future

Choice 4 The deliverable is a service

Its just a guess, option 2. I am not an expert, i just started preparing for this exam. So its possible i may be wrong.

Option 4 can also be true but i am not sure.

Either option 2 or 4.

However, I think the "being already produced" still possible to decomposed although they might not be meaningful while "a service" is diffcult to

So option 4

The ser vice is certainly can be decomposed. I was confused between 2 and 3. Choice 2 talks the deliverable is being produced, means its already in Execution phase. Do we still decompose a prodcut in execution phase. Also being produced sometimes means its an operation not a project, where the product is produced on daily basis (factory).

 Its an example of Rolling Wave Planning . Here deliverables are decomposed in to milestone level until more details are available for decomposing it in detail

Rolling wave Planning is the technique applied in Time Planning when you start the projet without knowing alot about the work that you'll be doing later. It lets you plan and schedule only the stuff that you know enough to plan well,  while Decompostion in the context of this question is used to divide Work scope( which covers all the you need to be done) into accountable and managable work packages. 

Rolling Wave Planning:

+ Purpose: Time Planning

+ Knowledge Area: Time Mng


+ Purpose: Work decomposing

+ Knowledge Area: Scope Mng

Pls correct me if I'm wrong

Service is kind of on-going operation, so it's impossible to decompose a service into several smaller pieces. Correct me if I'm wrong.

 Service can be an end result of a project. e.g you create a project to give transportation service in rural area by creating roads, buses etc. The end result is a transportation service.

The actual maintanance of this service is an operation e.g daily bus service, road cleaning etc.