December 4 - Passed PMP Exam on First Try!!


Yesterday I have passed the PMP exam , like everyone says, this exam is unique. 

I got 3 P's, 1 MP and 1 BP.

Almost all of the questions were situational. A few were from ITTOs (I didn't memorize them!). I recommend you to just know well how all the process interact, you dont have to memorize the ITTOs. In the last days I was very nervous thinking I was going to fail because I didnt memorize ITTOs.

There were questions of Critical Path, Tuckman's stages, EVM, the questions of ITTOs were easy because thinking them a little you will get the right answer.

All the questions were from the PMBOK, any of them include topics that were not in the PMBOK.

If you understand the processes & concepts, don't be afraid like I was, go and take the exam!!! :)

I used Rita & PMBOK. But my main source of study was the PMBOK, and I think that is the best way if you want to pass the exam, and you already know the processes & concepts.

However, Rita and many others books can help you to UNDERSTAND the processes already described in the PMBOK.

I took every question from the traditional Mock exams like PMStudy, Oliver Lehmann, Tech360, HeadFirst, Fastrack from Rita.

If you have any questions, please let me know!!


Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!


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Congratulations on your PMP.




Very truly in short you have explained the pmp exam.



 Thanks my friend!!

Hi Congrats buddy,

From ur experience, did any question came out of PMBOK ?

Will I be able to clear if I have my concepts clear and read only PMBOK?

what kind of EVM and critical path questions were there and how many?

Is RITA enuf for preparing EVM and critical path?

Any question on critical chain?



Dear Anand,

To me reading starting with PMBOK was extremely difficult. I made a starting with PMBOK 2 or 3 times but just could not proceed. On a recommendation I purchased Rita's 7th edition and this book was extremely helpful. I read this book twice and then used the PMBOK for ITTO's and areas where Rita's book had some shortcomings.

Now to your list of questions:

a. Most of the questions are from PMBOK.

b. Yes, if you can read and have your concepts clear from PMBOK, for sure you can clear the exam. However, it is extremely important that you take several practice questions and sample exams to identify your gaps and fill the same.

c. Generally EVM and CP questions are easy to answer if you are conceptually clear. One can expect these questions from 2 to 20 in numbers.

d. Yes, Rita's book is enough for both EVM and CP for formula based questions. I would recommend that you also read PMBOK for these 2 subjects for theory based questions. Also please read PMBOK for tools and techniques of the processes "Estimate Activity Durations" and "Develop Schedule".

e. Yes you can expect couple of question on critical chain. Please read PMBOK for this subject. It is well explained in this book. Rita does not cover this topic properly.

Regards, Amit



Hello Anand!,

From my experience, I can said that ALL questions came out of PMBOK. Don't get worry, and study from PMBOK. 

In many EVM questions, they usually give you EV, PV and AC, and maybe you have to get CPI, SPI. I think that this kind of questions were much more easier than the other ones.

Rita is perfect for preparing EVM and critical path!

Another thing... Rajesh Nair's notes are great for the last days!

Best regards!