Create a stakeholder management strategy

 1.  Create a stakeholder management strategy using Table  as a guide.  Assume your organization has a project to determine employees’ training needs and then provide in-house and external sources for courses in developing communications skills for employees, suppliers, the Human Resources department in charge of the project, and so on.  Determine at least five specific stakeholders for the project, and be creative in developing your potential management strategies.





Level of Interest

Level of Influence

Potential management strategies

Tony Bologna





Keep communication brief and to the point.  Do not lose his interest before the necessary information is conveyed.

Jon Smith

Human Resource Dept. Head




Communicate frequently, and make sure he feels involved.  We do not want Jon to feel neglected or unheard in a project that is run by his department. Any resistance that he might offer could negatively affect the project in a strong way.

Jane Doe





Jane does not really like to do busy work, but she’s a good worker.  We simply have to keep her encouraged, perhaps cover her lunch costs several times.  Also, keep her focused on her resume and how this will help her in the future.

Art See

Project Manager




Art likes to get a little too controlling when it comes to projects that have influence over multiple departments.  We must keep an eye on his performance with frequent meetings, and provide a confidential way for employees to provide feedback on his leadership.

Johnny Quest

Training School Owner




Play hardball to try to get good pricing.  Focus on potential future business deals, but stress that we have other options so he’s more flexible.  Also, gauge whether or not his services really are better than what we could do in-house.


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 In the 100Qns article, it is somewhat similar to this article but the categories and definitions are different. 

 Related to this article on Stakeholder Management, I have come across a highly insightful article on stakeholder management, stakeholder analysis and stakeholder communications, at the 100Questions exam portal ( ). The article comes with a clear definition on the steps required in engaging stakeholders and also provides useful templates for communicating to stakeholders as well as a downloadable worksheet. 

Certainly useful if you are diving deeper into stakeholder management. 

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