Cracked PMP Exam - by an average person

I base in Hong Kong and have been a quite observer and leaner of the site the past 2 months. I just passed the exam yesterday and thought it may be good to share my experience hoping to help some of you here, like some of you helped me by sharing your experience.

Before the Exam

First of all I have to emphasis I am just an average person. Never been great in exams or academic achievement, let alone the fact that I left school for 15 years now. So I didn’t have the confidence of taking the exam before last Dec., even had been casually reading some materials for about one year.

Then when I started getting the grip on all the terms and concepts I picked up the pace last Dec. and had been studying on avg. 2-3 hours a day. I used PMBok Guide and Rita, supplement with Heldman and Crowe. I honestly didn’t find the latter 2 very useful, but they did help me getting a better understanding from different dimensions.

The final 10 days I just focused on prep. Exams. Did most of the free online but paid for the GetGear Pack which has 568 Qs (US$60). I can see the quality of paid exams is better than most of the free ones, and  GetGear is the closest to the real exams among most.  Do read all the answer explanations for all the questions (right and wrong) and it helped me a lot in understanding and memorizing. I tried to memorize some ITTOs but gave up after a few tries, so I just use concept to help in that area. It didn’t matter that much after all as there are only about 10-15 Qs requires that, and some of those I could figured out base on concepts.

During the exam

Again I am an average person who needs a lot of preparations to get enough confidence, esp. when I paid that much for an exam.  I was a little nervous at the beginning, but after the first 20 Qs my confidence was really up and breeze thru. the next 150 or so (took a 5 mins. Water break). Then the final 30 I got nervous again simply coz it was getting close to scoring. It took me 3 hours to complete the exam, but I was able to read every Q and A at least twice, and use the final hour to review. In the end it turned out all good.

After thoughts

It really pays off to study hard and long. I saw a lot of postings saying they prepared for just a couple months and I am sure there are a lot of brilliant people out there. But did I mention I am just an average person? I have to admit the real exam is easier than I thought, indeed much easier than some of Rita’s practice Qs and Lehman’s 75. However, by going thru. those and some similar ones it really brought my confidence up to a level which I feel very comfortable in picking some tricky choices. Believe me, you need that confidence during the exam., even it’s easier than what you have prepared. I don’t believe there is such thing as over study, as you can never guess how much is too much.

All in all, it’s a long and somewhat painful process, but when you see that “Congrats” word comes out on the screen, it really worth all of that.

Good luck everyone!

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Congratulations Diana on your PMP . Good post on your experience


Congratulations Diana !!

I am also based in HK and I will take the exam soon.

Could you help to post the link of the GetGear Pack for online prep. exam (Since I cannot search it) ?

Thanks a lot.


Sorry it should be CertGear. My mistake. Good luck! 

Thanks a lot.

The certGear is helpful to fill my gap, I've got passed at 1-Mar.