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Sorry not able to draw the diagram, here are paths through which you can create one and help me in solving below related question, Thanks.




A schedule was developed for a project to install windows in an apartment building. The project is a rush job, and the contractor has agreed to schedule the work on a single shift basis but will work seven days per week until the job is done. The project is to begin on May 1.

42. What day in May will activity D have for its early finish date? a. May 13 b. May 6 c. May 7 d. May 5

43. What is the free float for activity F?

a. 6 b. 7 c. 0 d. 8

44. What is the free float for activity D?

a. 6 b. 7 c. 8 d. 0

45. What is the critical path of the project?

a. A B E G H b. A B D F H c. A C G H d. A B E D F H

46. What is the late start for activity F?

a. May 10 b. May 11 c. May 12 d. May 14

47. How long is the project in days?

a. Nineteen b. Twenty c. Twenty-one d. Eighteen

48. What is the early start for activity F?

a. May 7 b. May 6 c. May 5 d. May 4

49. If there is a delay in activity F of six days, what is the effect on the project completion date?

a. Increases one day b. No change to project completion date c. Increases two days d. Increases three days

50. What is the early finish date for activity A?

a. May 1 b. May 2 c. May 3 d. May 4

        4               6        
        D/2   6             10  
    1              4     F/4    
    B/3   9             11      
0               1         11           15   15           20
A/1 1              4   4            11       H/5
      E/7   11           15  
0              1   1              4       G/4   15           20
    C/3   4             11      
          11          15    
    8            11            

It is drawn over excel sheet and pasted here.

answer would be (based on start with 0 date)

42/b, 43/ no option is correct- it is 5days free float, 44/d, 45/a, 46/c, 47/b, 48/a, 49/a and 50/a

Is Anybody pose any comment .?

How much my solution is correct wrt questions and options?

  I agree with all your answers except for  Q 50. 

50 - B  ( If early start of activity A is May 1 then early finish should be May 2nd )


here 1st May start with one day duration -- means 1st May morning and after 8hours or any normal working duration of a day .

If you say 2ndMay early finish means 2nd may Evening or any normal ending time of that day , which same as for May 1st.


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Although I have not much idea about these all questions but like to share bestdissertation review about the answers here. The early start of activity F would be May 4. Hope this will be obliging for you.