A project has a critical path of twenty-three weeks. What is the impact on the duration of the critical path if the management wants you to complete the project in twenty weeks? 



Choice 1

Increases by three weeks.



Choice 2

Decreases by three weeks.



Choice 3

Remains the same.



Choice 4

Cannot be determined.



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I have had this question before (somewhere), Ans is 3, but I don't understand how!

 Yes, Ans is 3 ..didn't get the concept though..

By definition, a project cannot be completed earlier than the duration of its critical path. Here, the required reduction is 3 weeks. For reducing the project duration by 3 weeks, we need to shorten the critical path by 3 weeks. Hence the new critical path - reduced by appropriate means - is of 20 weeks, i.e. it decreases by 3 weeks.

Hence choice 2.