Cost Management Questions

 Hello Everyone - I have been preparing for PMP for past few months and now at a stage where i think - i will probably appear for the exam in next 2 weeks. There is one area where i am not 100% confident which is cost management EVM questions. I am looking for some material where i can review all different type of  EVM questions and along with their solutions to understand how they were solved so i can use them for my practice. I never lot of practice questions but first needs some guidance to understand how they were solved. For example - if two values are given then how to calculate the third value..

Please help so that i can practice enough of cost management questions as well on procurement management math questions.







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The best place is to check the PMZilla Questions forum

"Search" for keywords like EVM, EAC, BAC and you will see a bunch of good questions which will help your in your prep.