Conquered PMP on 10/27

 I finally have my turn to share the results. It has been great reading about otherss experiences and preparation. I just wanted to give some encouragement to those who havent been doing great on practice exams - if you read my preparation and test scores, you should feel confident about taking the exam. I do not have extensive proj management experience either..I passed with 4 Ps and 1 MP, which was surprising even to me !!! Took all 4 hours allotted with one quick 5-minute break.

Initiation - Proficient

Planning - Proficient

Execution - Proficient

M & C - MP

Closing - Proficient

My preparation (3.5 weeks)

Started preparing on Oct 1st - took an exam date of Oct 27th which happened to be my final day before my PMI examination eligibility was to expire. I procrastinated preparation for a year !! Yeah, thats how lazy I am.

Used only Andy Crowe's 4th Ed book - unlike many others on this forum, I never read PMBOK Guide end to end but read Andy's book cover to cover about 6 times in 3 weeks, noting down important points in each area and preparing notes. Never read anyone's notes either as I believed my notes were sufficient.

Started taking tests from Oct 20th - bought 4 tests from PMStudy - spent two hours after every test to know what I was doing wrong. They are close in format to the real exam

Oct 20th - PMStudy Test 1 - 70.85%

Oct 22nd - PM Study Test 2 - 73.14%

Oct 23rd - PMStudy Test 3 - 73.14%

Oct 24th - PM Study Test 4 - 74.28%

Oct 25th - Oliver Lahman's 175 - 65% (really hated this one)

Anyways, this exam is unique in the sense that it wil never let you feel confident that you are in control by introducing that element of doubt in your mind all the time but I ultimately did well...

My sincere advise to those who are preparing well but are not feeling confident yet, just practice as many exams from reputed sites and make sure you note down the wording of the questions. After reading different types of questions, your mind will be ready to take on anything. Just build the mental stamina to stay concentrated for 4 hours in whatever situation is thrown at you. Keep telling your brain that PMP is easy !!!!!! PMP is easy.

If there is anything I can help you with, please post your questions. Good luck to you all with your prep. If I can do it, anyone can.