Confusion in case of bribes

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One of the popular mock exam admins state that its fine to accept or pay bribe if the client/country culture/law permits it  where its being paid/received wheras i have read in Heads first one should always politely refuse

Pls guide the appropriate response

It could be a co-incidence but it looks like vivek919 has posted the question you were asking for:

Every author is unlike any PMP certified professional i.e. he/she is free to express his/her views through publications.

Have you seen any contract? You must have seen like the employment contract or the contract when you are being sent to client side country. Whatever the contract lines are the last and the most important line in the contract is always something like “Disputes will be subjected to some local place Jurisdiction”.

If a company A from country X want to go to country Y and do the business, they have to accept country Y culture and local laws. If they don’t want, better stay in your own country X and do the business. That simple! In any country there is nothing bigger than their own laws and culture and you will have to accept it. Refusing might be taken as disrespecting local laws and cultures!

In case bribe is part of country culture, accept it and tell your management that you have accepted. If you hide this and keep in your pocket, then it’s against Ethics and professional conduct.

Saket, PMP

Hi Saket,

As always appreciate your response..


What if , if the choices also provide 2 more options like  " consult the cost management plan" and

"Ask the supervisor for guidance " then even we should select choice "Pay"

Also do the same liberty or principle applies in receiving also 

Lets say its says its customary to give gifts can we accept gifts in the form of match ticket/invitation to a concert etc ?


I am not sure how do you see the choice "consult the cost management plan" close one. When it comes to ethics and professional conduct, you should not being cost management plan for any reason.

The second choice will make the question interesting i.e. what if "Ask the supervisor for guidance" is given. Most of the experts here might say that we should ask the “supervisor for guidance” and then accept gift or bribe. My take is, if you ask your supervisor whether you should accept a gift that you feel is bribe and the country law says that its part of their culture, then, professionally you are disrespecting the country law. Your manager is not superior than the country laws. To accept the country culture and law, you don’t need any certificate and approval from your manager. If it is a law in a country you have to abide by it.

Last part of your question depends upon the question scenario and the country culture. You can apply the above comments and derive the answer.

Saket, PMP

I agree with my colleague saket