conflict resolution tech

 Confused with best and worst conflict resolution technique

As per Rita forcing is the worst one, but as per Pmstudy qn withdrawl is the worst.

any thought on wht to follow for PMP exam? 

Provided that no situation mentioned.


Among the various conflict resolution modes (Confrontation, Compromise, Withdrawal, Forcing, and Smoothing), which conflict resolution mode is most preferred or least preferred by project managers (answer format: most preferred, least preferred)?




Compromise, Withdrawal




Confrontation, Withdrawal





Confrontation, Forcing




Smoothing, Withdrawal



 pmbok does not arrnge them in any order of preference.

these all are best based on situation.

read pmbok -- conflict management

if I ask you icecream, cold coffee,  tea, hot coffee, or hot milk, -- arrange them in order of your preference.

like rita and pmstudy are asking.

so follow the bible.

Every technique has its own meaning. There is no question for best/ worst.

Imagine you walk into a customer's cabin and he is angry about a certain missed deadline, he starts shouting the moment you enter. At such emotionally charged environment, what will be the best techinque. Avoidance will help here.

The PM can go back to the customer once he collects the data and can explain and get support for further milestones.

Definition of Avoid as per PMBOK 5 - Retreating from an actual potential conflict situation;postponing the issue to be better prepared or to be resolved by others.

Hope this helps.