Configuration Management in Integration Control...Confused!!!

Need help to understand the basic  Configuration Management System, Configuration Control in Integrated change control.

I understand configuration management system as a system for version contorl of deliverables/documents. But the way its explained in PMBOK on Page 94/95 is not very clear (text pasted below) 

Can anyone either clarify in simple terms or point to already existing source where this is clearly explained with some examples.

A configuration management system with integrated change control provides a standardized, effective,and effi cient way to centrally manage approved changes and baselines within a project. Confi guration controlis focused on the specifi cation of both the deliverables and the processes while change control is focusedon identifying, documenting and controlling changes to the project and the product baselines. Project-wideapplication of the confi guration management system, including change control processes, accomplishes three main objectives:


• Establishes an evolutionary method to consistently identify and request changes to establishedbaselines, and to assess the value and effectiveness of those changes,

• P rovides opportunities to continuously validate and improve the project by considering the impact ofeach change, and

• P rovides the mechanism for the project management team to consistently communicate all approved and rejected changes to the stakeholders.


Some of the confi guration management activities included in the integrated change control process are as follows:

• Confi guration identifi cation. Selection and identifi cation of a confi guration item provides the basisfor which product confi guration is defi ned and verifi ed, products and documents are labeled, changesare managed, and accountability is maintained.

• Confi guration status accounting. Information is recorded and reported as to when appropriatedata about the confi guration item should be provided. This information includes a listing of approvedconfi guration identifi cation, status of proposed changes to the confi guration, and the implementationstatus of approved changes.

• Confi guration verifi cation and audit. Confi guration verifi cation and confi guration audits ensurethe composition of a project’s confi guration items is correct and that corresponding changes areregistered, assessed, approved, tracked, and correctly implemented. This ensures the functionalrequirements defi ned in the confi guration documentation have been met.



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