Comprehensive notes by PMZilla Members.


Generous PMZilla members have shared their learnings and notes, which may be very valuable for some of you. Please see the attachments below.

  1. Chowdary's Notes, later on modified by Anil
  2. Prashin's ITTO Chart for printing on 17X11 legal size sheet
  3. Rajesh Nair Notes ( Enhanced from Chowdary's Notes )  --- Excellent
  4. Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair's notes has some extras added , including tips, cheatsheat.
  5. Anil Kumar Tanguturi has collected and compiled an excellent sheet of all PMP mathematics and forumlas.




Hi Dont have printable version, but I printed using excel itself.


I am updating the spreadsheet to align PMBOK5 for all 10 KA's, will requet admins to upload here.


Good luck with your exam.

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Experts i have tried to segregate Raga's 355 in KA with the little knowledge i have, Please check and make changes. file uploaded on this link  .



The notes provided are really helpful, but they are not aligned with the PMBOK 5 version as some of the members mentioned. Would someone to send the updated notes to if possible?

Thanks in advance and cheers for everyone!

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hi Lee,


Did you recieve the PMP notes? if so can you share with me. Email :